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Juan Reynoso sued Cruz Azul and that is what the Peruvian demands

The Peruvian has not postponed his departure, because the club has not finalized what would legally correspond to him.

Reynoso was the coach who made Cruz Azul champion after 23 years.
© Image 7Reynoso was the coach who made Cruz Azul champion after 23 years.

Juan Reynoso had six months on his contract, but Cruz Azul decided to thank him at the conclusion of Clausura 2022 in the Liga MX championship. Today the negotiations are in an introduction, because the Peruvian demanded double what the club is offering him.

This situation led the former coach to sue the institution, due to the rules he demanded after his dismissal, soand La Maquina does not see the sun rise, because this situation could lead Diego Aguirre, the new helmsman, not on the bench.

According to Paco Arredondo, a TUDN journalist, it indicates this the contract was still valid for six months, so by law the whole year of salary would correspondalthough Reynoso would only claim three months.

He also announced that the Cementeros had brought the case to the Mexican Football Federation, in order to protect himself and seamlessly enroll his new coach, the Uruguayan Diego Aguirre.

But according to Arredondo, in the contract print, this did not envisage the payment of a settlement in case they were postponed, this is due to a clause in the same document signed by the Peruvian.

At Reynoso’s request, Cruz Azul council would be willing to pay wages corresponding to a month and a half to close the issue.

How much will Reynoso ask?

Juan Reynoso received a salary of 1.3 million every six months, so he asked to pay 650 thousand dollars (12.9 million pesos), while Cruz Azul offered him 325 thousand dollars (6.45 million pesos).

Could Diego Aguirre have led?

In the Sniper Record column, he points out that if Cruz Azul has debts for the start of Opening 2022 and Reynoso informs the corresponding cases, Diego Aguirre could not train for the 1st day, so the council will have one more week to resolve the legal issue.

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