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Judenhass demo displaces classic car show “Classic Days” on Kudamm – B.Z. Berlin

For the 7th time the classic car show “Classic Days” was to transform the Kudamm from 16 to 17 May into a mecca for car lovers. The organizer has now canceled it because the anti-Jewish Al-Quds demo was approved there by the authorities at the same time.

“Classic Days” organizer Frank Peppel is angry, now on May 16, hate-controlled demonstrators will fly their flags. “It’s a shame for Berlin,” says Peppel. “Several hundred thousand visitors have to give way to radicals who protest against Jews.”

He had already registered the 7th “Classic Days” with the district office in May 2019. “In June I sat down with the offices. I haven’t heard from the authorities for half a year. Then on January 7th I got a call from the traffic control that a demo would also have registered. “

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The LKA had only briefly informed about the traffic control. “I don’t understand why a regular major event like the ‘Classic Days’ was not known to the authorities. Why don’t they communicate with each other? That is not in the Berlin spirit. ” First, the “Tagesspiegel” reported about it.

The police press office answered why the demo was approved: “Basically, the assembly authority makes decisions regarding the use of locations in the event of a collision by creating practical concordance, which means that the legal interests affected are weighed up against each other. The actual legal character of an event does not play an outstanding role here. “

Participants in the Al-Quds March in Berlin (archive photo). The Judenhass demo starts this Saturday at 2 p.m. and moves across Kurfürstendamm (Photo: picture alliance / Pacific Press)
Participants in the Al-Quds March in Berlin (archive photo) (Photo: picture alliance / Pacific Press)

Frank Peppel: “The LKA asked me to meet with the organizer of the demo and change his mind. We had arranged to meet at Café Einstein. But he couldn’t be changed, he really wanted to run the ‘Classic Days’. I have 150 exhibitors with luxury vehicles. I didn’t want to endanger them. ”Peppel invited 26,000 classic car owners to the event. “I already had registrations for 400,000 euros. To rent the Kurfürstendamm I pay well over 50,000 euros. The visitors who come there are interested in luxury. they wash money in Berlin’s cash register. “

Peppel cannot postpone the event. “There are global players like Lamborghini, Volvo or Audi. They come with containers and lots of employees. I can’t just postpone that. “

Martin Pallgen, spokesman for Interior Senator Geisel said on a B.Z. request: “We were in talks with the organizer and would certainly have found a solution. Unfortunately, the organizer of the ‘Classic Days’ withdrew without mentioning greens. But if you want to find a solution, you have to keep talking. “


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