Jules puts his suitcases down at the Mega Mall in Rabat

Already the owner of 5 points of sale, the men’s ready-to-wear brand continues to expand in the capital and inaugurates a brand new store in the heart of the famous Rabati Mega Mall shopping center. An opening that coincides with the launch of the brand’s latest “Men in progress” campaign, which challenges prejudices about masculinity, while giving pride of place to environmental protection. A brand resolutely on the move!

The Moroccan group Ma Franchise continues to expand. After opening a new boutique Devred within the Morocco Mall Casablanca, it is the turn of Jules, another men’s fashion brand in the group, to attend the inauguration of a new point of sale, this time in Rabat. And it is within the well-known Mega Mall, on a space of more than 100 m², that the brand has decided to settle. A showcase of choice for Jules, who since 1994 has been offering a colorful, relaxed and fashionable men’s wardrobe, but who has reinvented himself over the years.

Casual and urban fashion

For more than 20 years, Jules has affirmed an identity style for a man with a young and active state of mind, who is looking for stylish and colorful clothes, easy to wear, all with good value for money. We then find all the fundamentals of the men’s wardrobe for everyday life, ranging from formal to sportswear. Jules offers a wide choice of t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jeans, coats, as well as costumes and accessories (pajamas, belts, shoes, underwear, etc.). In short, a fashion that does not take itself seriously and is relaxed without becoming too simplistic.

Jules, on the road to progress

In recent years, Jules has become increasingly committed to sustainable fashion and a better world by developing “in progress” products that respect the environment, made from organic cotton or even recycled materials. Thus, by 2030, 100% of the materials used by the brand will be made from fibers and recycled materials. Since 2019, Jules has also banned 100% of its plastic bags and is committed to producing only what it is able to sell in order to eliminate all textile waste. In stores, too, protecting the environment is a central concern. Thus, store furniture is made using recycled textiles. A new way of consuming in solidarity, reflected in the brand’s latest advertising campaign entitled “Men in Progress” where Jules has fun shaking up prejudices about masculinity. Far from the image we have of a man, namely a strong, courageous man, somewhat macho on the edges, Jules wishes above all to convey the image of a man proud to belong to his generation. , a man good in his skin and in his sneakers, who is not afraid to show his feelings, who lives with his time and who takes care of himself, of others and of the planet. A very contemporary message, which aims to seduce the core target of the brand, namely 25 years old – 45 years old, but also to reach a younger category, aged around twenty.

Our favorites

Whether we want to please our darling, our little brother or our dad, Jules is full of very accessible nuggets. We especially fall for this jacket designed in water-repellent material and padded with recycled polyester fibers, recovered from the production of other clothing and fabric scraps, perfect for keeping warm this winter.

Hooded water-repellent ski jacket – Navy Blue

Wear it with stone blue slim jeans in washed canvas that structure the silhouette, also made from recycled cotton, or with chinos. Special mention for this model with a slim cut, super comfortable, which lends itself to all combinations: casual with a printed top or chic with a shirt and city shoes.

Slim jeans #Tom 4L – stone blue – Blue

Chino coupe slim Simon – Prune

We complete our look with this round-neck cotton-blend sweater embellished with wide bands for the trendy side and these retro sneakers that are both casual and stylish.

Colorblock effect cotton blend round neck sweater – Black

Men’s retro spirit sneakers – White

Boutique Jules, open since November 8 at Mega Mall Rabat.

Phone: 05 37 65 94 64

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