Julian Assange case: former analyst Chelsea Manning sent back to prison

Chelsea Manning is sent back to prison. Thursday night, a US federal judge ordered the return of this former military analyst behind bars for "hindering the smooth running of justice." Icon of transgender people, Chelsea Manning refuses to answer questions from American authorities about Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks arrested last April at the Embassy of Ecuador in London. After a hearing in a court in Alexandria, near Washington, Chelsea Manning has "been imprisoned," told Agence France-Presse spokesman for his supporters, Andrew Stepanian.

Judge Anthony Trenga added that she would be fined $ 500 a day if she still refused to cooperate after 30 days in detention, and $ 1,000 a day after 60 days in jail. Chelsea Manning has already spent seven years in prison for passing on to Wikileaks in 2010 more than 750,000 diplomatic and military documents, the publication of which had plunged the United States into embarrassment. The former soldier was sent back to prison on 8 March after refusing to testify before a grand jury set up to investigate Julian Assange, denouncing an "opaque" and undemocratic procedure.

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As a key tool of American justice, the grand juries are set up in the most serious criminal cases and are responsible for investigating in the utmost confidentiality. Chelsea Manning was released a week ago for a technical reason: the grand jury who wanted to hear it was coming to an end. But a new collective of citizens drawn has just been formed to continue the investigation. On Thursday she refused to participate again. "I will not give up my principles, I would rather starve than change my mind," she told Judge Trenga. He retorted that there was nothing "dishonorable" to fulfill his civic duty.

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