Julián Ezquerra, doctor: «Politicians use Health as a political weapon to make partisanship»

Julián Ezquerra was born in Logroño in 1957, but since he was three he lives in Madrid, where he works as a primary care doctor in Las Rozas.

-What Madrid do you want?

-A Madrid in which health professionals are rewarded for our efforts for the hard years that have made us go through different governments.

– How would you define the management of this last term?

-Madrid remains an exception in the compliance of the working day. It sounds strange to say that Madrid is the economic locomotive of Spain and, instead, to see how the workers of the public health sector of Madrid are not rewarded.

It is the penultimate community in terms of Health expenditure per inhabitant, with 42%, just above Andalusia. That they sell it as the best Health in Spain. We have good health, but in charge of the professionals, not because of what governments spend on GDP.

– What measures should have been taken?

-It lacks a strategic plan in which to plan resources and templates in the medium-long term. It is necessary that the politicians make a pact for the Health so that the measures survive in time and not at the expense of who can govern. We have the feeling that they do not do it because they use Health as a political weapon in elections, making partisanship with it.

-Make a claim for the new Government.

-What it feels to speak with the professionals, that listens and makes us sharers of the management.

-What is the first thing that would change?

-Reflotaría Madrilenian Health, would invest what is necessary and would enhance primary care as a gateway to the health system. Since a man has a problem until he is operated, months go by. There are 600,000 Madrileños who are waiting for a diagnostic test, a surgery or a complementary test. It is something to address as a priority.

-One of the controversies has been the reduction of hours in health centers.

-Madrid, unlike other Communities, mostly has afternoon sessions in health centers and it is difficult to reconcile. The proposal improves the time conditions and planning, that's why the centers have been ratified. The experience has been very satisfactory.

-Do you have any idea who to vote for?

-I do not have it decided. I have many doubts because at this time and after many years I no longer trust or believe in any politician.

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