Julien Lacroix’s apologies are not unanimous

Julien Lacroix’s apologies, made Tuesday on his social networks after six months of silence, are not unanimous. If some are ready to forgive him, others do not want to see him again in the public sphere anytime soon.

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On the comedian’s Facebook page, which had 193,000 subscribers before the publication, but lost a few thousand on Wednesday, comments from people praising his repentance are numerous. On the other side, the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt, who strongly denounced the speech of his former friend, also attracted thousands of supports on Facebook.

For experts in public relations, the exit of Julien Lacroix, where he confessed his alcoholism and said he had undertaken a long therapy, is a first step towards his redemption.

“It is part of a recognized strategy in public relations and human relations: admitted fault is half forgiven. He wants to give an image of repentance, ”analyzes the expert in public relations and professor at Laval University, Bernard Dagenais.

“You should know that all those who follow detoxification cures, one of the phases is to come out”, he adds. We ask them to go out publicly to be taken with their commitment and that helps to keep it, in his case, to quit drugs and alcohol. They take a step to give themselves the obligation to heal themselves. ”

For Bernard Motulsky, holder of the UQAM Public Relations and Marketing Communication Chair, “it is clear that there are people who advise him in the process,” he says. What we see is that there is still a process of reflection. ”

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He argues that admitting his faults is the first step, but then the public will have to have guarantees that they will not do it again.

His return to the boards is not for tomorrow, say the two experts contacted by The newspaper.

“It’s a reputation that will follow him for a long time,” argues Bernard Motulsky. However, Bernard Dagenais believes that Julien Lacroix has “a small chance to build a capital of sympathy”.

On Tuesday, comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt raised that persistent rumors were circulating that Julien Lacroix would prepare his return to professional life, behind the scenes.

His brother Mathieu Lacroix, who occupies a position of manager and in charge of development and production projects at KoScène, took charge of the requests concerning his brother, but specified in Journal, by email, that no professional project was in motion. He also underlined that he was taking care of his brother’s affairs “on a personal and family basis”, and not on behalf of KoScène.

In interview at Journal, the founder of KoScène, Louis Morissette, firmly assured that there was no professional link between Julien Lacroix and his company. He understands, however, that his employee wants to help his brother.

Louis Morissette added that he had a discussion with Julien Lacroix following its publication.

“I had questions for him. But it was never about work. There was never any question of a return. We talked about his personal approach. I know Julien, I know Mathieu, I worked with their mother. I am aware of several aspects of their difficult family life. The discussion we had was around the human steps that this young man will have to take. And not on a premature return. He has business to settle before going there. ”

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