Julio Bascunán Humorisa Carlos Alvarez launches a parody on the referee who directed Peru vs Brazil for Qualifying Qatar 2022 this Saturday 17 on Willax TV See Video

The controversial arbitration left by Julio Bascuñán generated a wave of memes and parodies in the social networks. As expected, the comedian Carlos Alvarez He also joined in and made a funny sketch about the Chilean referee.

The well-known imitator gave details of what will be seen this Saturday on the screens of Willax TV, starting at 22:00. “He had to defend the Brazilians from the kicks of Carlos Zambrano,” added Carlos Álvarez, laughing.

This last Tuesday, Peru suffered an “armed robbery” after the controversial arbitration by Julio Bascuñán, who tipped the court to Brazil with two dubious penalties and did not get a card from Richarlison due to a slap at Miguel Trauco, who ended up with a cut on the eyebrow.

Given this, the humorist Carlos Alvarez He decided to make a funny parody to calm the tense moment that is still lived in the country, after the arbitration of the Chilean Bascuñán, who was guarded by dozens of police as he left the hotel.

“Thank you that I only took two penalties. Give thanks that I was in a good mood, because if I got up with my left foot I would get a red card from all the players, including the ball boys. I’m talking about the Peruvians, the Brazilians were the victims” he added.

Lastly, “Bascuñán”, who was played by Carlos Álvarez, put more heat to his statements by stating that ceviche and pisco are Chilean. This funny parody will be televised this Saturday, October 17, from 10.00 pm, on the screens of Willax TV.

Carlos Zambrano calls Neymar a “clown”

In dialogue for the program La Banda del Chino, Carlos Zambrano highlighted Neymar’s skills on the field of play, but also assured that he is a “clown” for acting on fouls.

“Honestly, he is a great player, one of the best in the world, but for me he is a real clown,” said the defender of Boca Juniors and the Peruvian team.


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