Jumia looks to Chinese suppliers to improve performance

Known for the satisfactory quality / price ratio of their items and their high production capacity, Chinese suppliers have attracted the interest of Jumia. The African e-commerce leader thus decided that he was going to turn to them. This, in order to better meet the needs of its market and increase its income.

This is the information provided by Sam Chapatte, CEO of the Kenyan subsidiary of the company, during an interview with Xinhua. He expressed Jumia’s positive view of Chinese companies who “offer products that are very relevant to African consumers because they are affordable and of good quality”. Chapatte also spoke about the strengths of Jumia that could benefit Chinese manufacturers to reach consumers in a practical way.

By combining its infrastructure and technology With the value proposition and the production capacity of its future Chinese partners, Jumia will be able to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the crisis linked to Covid-19 has caused an increase in online purchases made by Africans.

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