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Just what the Russians lack: Seven-seat KIA Seltos introduced

On the conveyor!

KIA Seltos – the crossover that caused a real “boom” with access to the Russian market. However models something is missing, and this is a seven-seater version that would suit family people and those who like to often go outdoors.

On the eve of the network presented renderings of the three-row “Celtos”. The car looks as stylish and bold as a five-seat crossover, but differs in a longer body and some external stylistic improvements.

In fairness, we notethat Hyundai is already working on creating seven-seater creta, therefore, it is possible that KIA may soon also begin the development of a large Seltos.

So, the three-row “Seltos” not received an elongated wheelbase, and is designed based on a conventional two-row crossover. As for the exterior, the rear of the car was expanded to create more space in the cabin for the third row of seats.

The sides of the “Korean” have the same design as the regular KIA Seltos, but are distinguished by new rims. Major changes touched the front of the body – the headlights and grille remained the same, but the bumper was greatly modified. Now he got a “muscle” going from the left headlight to the right.

Recall that KIA Seltos is sold in Russia at a price of 1 119 900 to 1 999 900 rubles. The crossover is offered with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine producing 121 or 123 hp, a 2.0-liter 149-horsepower gasoline aspirated and a 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 177 mares.


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