Juve, on the web the photos of the shirt that indignant the fans

A few hours after the Juventus, on its official channels, revealed the second jersey (black) for the 2021-2022 season, images that spoil what should be there have also begun to circulate on the web third jersey of the bianconeri. Three predominant colors: white, yellow and blue with geometric pattern.

DO NOT LIKE – But if the first and second kits had made the fans fall in love, this one has them literally shocked. And in the negative. At least this is what can be seen by reading the first comments on the photos: “obscene” thunders in many; “The ugliest in Juventus history” comments someone; “To whoever designed this shirt I would just like to say: why?” others ask.

SOCIAL IRONY – To play down, some fans play with the similarities: “But is this the Lidl shirt?”; “If it weren’t for the logo I would say it would be perfect… for Parma”; “It looks like a volleyball shirt… with all due respect for volleyball shirts!”.

SPORTS 23-07-2021 07:00

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