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K-Pop: Reveal That BTS Could Harass You By Your Own Staff

BTS could be victim of harassment by workers of Big Hit Entertainment, according to information from the Rex Nation, the singers of K-pop are exposed to this type of bullying From the place where they work, there are many rumors, as well as accusations on social networks, which have worried the ARMY that this is true.

According to this source of information, a reality that many artists of the K-pop They have faced, it is the presence of the “sasaengs” or better known as obsessive people and some staff members who work in photography sessions, special programs or concert preparation, could be exceeding a limit of professionalism.

The rumors began to take hold, after the constant photographs of some intimate moments of BTS on social networks, because in order to take this type of images, a person would have to be close enough to the artists or have a telephoto camera in everything moment; So the ARMY He has asked Big Hit to take more severe measures on the security of the Bangatn Boys.

The origin of BTS sasaengs?

Another rumor directly mentions that there are people who work at the agency of South Korean singers based on lies, because they would be “lying” in saying that they are not fans of the K-Pop group and could more easily approach them and even get a job at Big Hit.

The accusations are strong, since they would be compromising the work of many people that make possible a good performance of BTS, because even the idols have been fond of the members of each staff; Jin a few days ago he starred in a fun moment borrowing a professional camera from a worker and the BangtanTV channel is full of episodes of this style.

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Since the Map Of The Soul: 7 singers have always been grateful to their fandom and people involved in making the promotion of their music possible; We will have to wait for a direct response from Big Hit to confirm the veracity of these accusations.


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