Karczewski encouraged people to eat apples during the epidemic. The doctors answered him

On Thursday, Senator Stanisław Karczewski, a doctor by profession, talked about how to protect yourself from the epidemic. He urged people to improve immunity, suggesting eating apples because they are “extremely healthy”.

– There is an English saying that if you eat one apple a day, you don’t see the doctor. The Polish saying is also: “One apple from the evening and there is no doctor” – said the PiS politician.

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As Karczewski said, eating two apples a day “will be really enough”.

Greetings to Karczewski from doctors

A day later, the Senator’s words were referred to by members of the Supreme Medical Council (NRL) during an online meeting. Over twenty of them presented apples in front of computer cameras.

Then a screenshot from that moment was published on the twitter account of the Supreme Medical Chamber. “The Supreme Medical Council greets Stanisław Karczewski” – added in the entry.

“It was a spontaneous reaction”

NIL spokesman Rafał Hołubicki explained to polsatnews.pl that the doctors’ initiative had a positive, not negative tone towards the words of a PiS politician.

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– It was a spontaneous reaction. We subscribe to appeals to eat healthy food that strengthens immunity, as does physical activity. When you are healthier, it is easier to fight the coronavirus – he said.

Hołubicki also said that people struggling with obesity suffer more severely from SARS-CoV-2 infection.

He also reminded that you can protect yourself against infection by using the so-called the DDM principle: disinfection, distance and mask, while observing the restrictions.

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