Karel Gott’s daughter listened to the doctors’ cruel ortel: DESTROYED LIVER!

She was not feeling well at the end of the year. She had a strong cough, she was short of breath … The first revelation came at the beginning of January at a preventive examination in the company, where she wanted to start her main employment. “They measured my pressure there and I had over two hundred! The doctor was horrified and immediately wrote me pills. But that’s why they didn’t take me either, “she entrusted the daily Aha! Dominika, who has been through hell for the last year and a half. But often through his own fault.

Treacherous diabetes

He has been fighting for several years Gott with diabetes, for which he takes medication. And it was diabetes in connection with alcohol consumption that started another major problem in her body. Her liver was thick! “I also got medication for that, it’s strength! I know and I feel that I have to do something with myself, “Dominika added in a very sad voice.

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Waiting for departure

He is currently waiting for departure to Helsinki. She and her husband, former guitarist of the Finnish metal band Stratovarius Tim Tolkki (54), should complete applications for support and social housing in the Finnish capital. When all goes well, Gott’s eldest daughter in Prague terminates all obligations (apartment and work for friends) and moves back to the north of Europe.

What is fatty liver?

  • K tvz. Steatosis occurs when excess fat accumulates inside the liver cells.
  • Fat gradually hits healthy areas, so there is less and less functional tissue.
  • In addition to alcoholic, there is also non-alcoholic fatty liver.
  • Steatosis can lead to severe liver damage, cirrhosis, failure or cancer.
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