Karin Haydu and Ján Koleník TOGETHER: Beautiful couple, they refer

Favorite actors Janko Koleník and Karin Haydu have known each other for many years. They recently published a joint shot and obviously have something to say even after years.

Only recently, the beautiful actress went out with her colleagues Janek Koleník and Štefan Martinovič to Vienna. Of course, they also immortalized this meeting with several photographs, which Karin and the fans shared on social networks. Perhaps the biggest reaction of the fans was evoked by a picture of the charming actress and breaker of Koleník’s female hearts. “You’re a beautiful couple,” sounds one of the comments. “You would be a beautiful couple,” more are added.

Also open our PHOTO GALLERY, where you will find the mentioned photo. What do you say they would fit together? You can vote in our survey.

Would Karin and Janka be a beautiful couple in your opinion?



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