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Karol G breaks the silence and confronts the pregnancy rumors

For a few weeks, Karol G was in the eye of the hurricane, and it is that his loose clothing and other aspects made many began to speculate that the singer could be pregnant.

Although a few days later, Anuel’s girlfriend uploaded a video in which he appears with a drink in hand, what ruined that she was expecting her first baby, but she had avoided talking about it until now.


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And before so many messages received, the exponent of the urban genre had the great idea of share a clip on social media to quell rumors. Same in which you can see him imitating an audio video of TikTok, in which explains the same situation and your thinking about it.

“This video is purely informative and is the following: in my quarantine, in my particular case, I have spent it whatever I eat what I eat. Yes, you know? Breakfast, lunch, food, dessert, snack, cortico, latitico, whatever you eat, then I’m going to get out of here with a few kilos “Karol is heard saying jokingly, in addition to accompanying this clip with the phrase, “To those of the Gossip, I avoid fatigue.”


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But that was not all, because the Colombian singer finished what she said the next day, since She went back to her old ways and again showed a lot of skin when posing in a two-piece bikini, with which her figure was exposed and made it very clear that she is in her best shape.

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And to silence the mouths of many, he took the opportunity to seduce the camera by turning upside down and exposing her huge rear in a very sensual way, causing all kinds of messages, compliments and more than 2.5 million red hearts, with this postcard that leaves little to the imagination.

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  1. Hola Karol G, yo soy una grande Fan yo Amo tu cancions pero mucho a la Ocean porque mi prima apenas nacio’ cante’ esa cancion la ocean y cuando se lo canté a ella ella me sonrió y calentó mi corazón porque la amo con cada cosa que tengo y su nombre es Melanie y sólo quería decir gracias porque me inspiraste a hacer las cosas que ahora puedo para que te amo!


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