Karolina Pisarek in an unusual outfit at the magazine’s gala. Phenomenal Edyta Pazura in a shimmering miniature. Grade!

On October 17, further restrictions will enter into force in connection with the coronavirus spreading at the speed of light. The red zone will include, among others Warsaw and who knows, maybe most of the industry events will be canceled. So the stars couldn’t miss the opportunity to shine on the wall in front of photojournalists on Friday evening. The gala of the Businesswoman & Life magazine took place in the center of the capital. The creations caught our attention Karoliny Pisarek i Edyta Pazury.

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Karolina Pisarek and Edyta Pazura shine on the wall

Karolina Pisarek opted for a beige outfit, which consisted of a corset, oversize long jacket in the form of a coat and a long skirt. The model completed the whole with high heels and a recently fashionable handbag from (probably) Bottega Veneta. She wore beads around her neck.

Karolina Pisarek AKPA

We have already written about Edyta Pazura’s preparations for this event. The celebrity showed the fans exactly what she was doing to look so shot on the wall. The wife of a famous actor decided to wear a short one-shoulder dress, shimmering in the flashes of light. The whole thing was completed with a black box and pins. The hair she combed her ear.

Edyta PazuraEdyta Pazura AKPA

The ladies on the wall posed without masks or helmets, but as soon as they got off, they put on protective face gear. They are well aware that coronawirus easily spreads via droplets. On Thursday, the record of infections was broken – the Ministry of Health informed about over eight thousand. new cases. The next day, the increase in infections was lower but still high. I wonder if there will be industry events in the coming weeks.

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