Karpovich, on the way out: Priluchny shared a half-naked selfie with the star of “Battalion” Brutyan

Last six months life Paul Priluchny very intense. The actor divorced Agatha Muceniece. Then he began and ended his relationship with Miroslava Karpovich. The fan suggested that the star of “Major” intends to return to his wife, because he still wears a wedding ring. But it was not there.

Judging by the post in Instagram, Casanova has a new passion. She became 24-year-old Zepyur Brutyan.

Sensual photo with a young beauty

Pavel Priluchny published a photo in which he was captured with the young actress Zepyur. The publication received almost 100,000 “likes” per day. He is wearing a stylish and brutal leather jacket, and on her is a light top, under which there is not even a bra. Brutyan gently bent her head on Pavel’s back and hugged him slightly by the shoulder, like a dove.

Such an outfit and behavior of a young lady involuntarily makes one think that between the actors there is a more personal and romantic relationship than just professional.

instagram / bugevuge

Fans intrigued

The fans of the artist immediately began to admire the beauty of Zepyur, but immediately write words of support. No, not Pavel, but Agatha and Miroslava. At the same time, some of the subscribers are very intrigued: is there real sympathy between the stars or is it just another trick to attract viewers to the continuation of the series “In a Cage”.

“In the cage – 2”, “Gopnik and the beauty”, “Hey, hear”, “Come here”, “Beauty and the Beast” – this is how Priluchny signed the publication on the microblog.

u-tv.ruinstagram / zepyur_brutyan

Personal life classified as “top secret”

Zepyur Brutyan does not like to show his personal life. The only thing that is known about her is that she is not married and in two years starred in four films: “Battalion”, “Behappi”, “In a Cage” and “Three Captains”.


Author: Alena Nikitina

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