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Kaunas Football Club has hit its goal – launched a cruel homophobic hint | Sports

Inkaro Football Club posted a message on its Facebook page on Thursday that has nothing to do with football.

“Proposal to Kaunas Mayor V. Matijošaitis,” it is written in the account of Kaunas club on Facebook. – FC Inkaras offers to give the Mayor of Kaunas permission to organize 09.04 LGTB marches in Vilijampolė, Raudondvaris highway. The highway is wide, able to accommodate many of the people in this march. We think that this could be the first and last march in Kaunas. ”

The photo attached to the post in the social space shows an armed girl and the inscription “Kaunas”, and next to it – a man wearing a dress and the inscription “Vilnius”.

“Unbelievable”, – football coach Juozas Liesis was surprised after the Kaunas team record.

Inkaras is a historical Kaunas football club, established in 1937 and operating until 2003. During that period, the team became the strongest in Lithuania six times, including twice (1995 and 1996) after the country regained its independence.

In 2003, Inkaras withdrew from the competition, but was reborn as the indoor football team, which became one of the strongest in the Lithuanian futsal championships.

The club was followed by scandals – strange messages in the social space and even stranger events that took place on football pitches – the Lithuanian Football Federation has punished the representatives of Kaunas team for hooligan actions.

Photo by Evaldas Šemiotas / The judge calms the emotions of the Inkaras staff

In 2016, one of Inkaras fans poured the juice of a match referee during the hall football match with Kaunas Vytis.

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One of the club’s leaders, Daivydas Kalpokas, was disqualified by the Lithuanian Football Federation for a year due to an incident during a beach football tournament in Palanga.

D. Kalpokas had attacked the representative of the federation with curses and during the above-mentioned football match of the hall, during which the then director of Inkaro, Jaroslav Bojarskis, hung on the lap of the match delegate.

Evaldo Šemioto nuotr./

Photo by Evaldas Šemiotas / “Anchor” consultant Daivydas Kalpokas

“Problems with Anchor are regular. Only the times and situations when they arise are different, ”then 15min said Naglis Miknevičius, who was a representative of the federation in the match.

“It simply came to our notice then. However, the judges complained about the behavior of Inkaras fans and managers before. They have been threatened more than once, “said LFF delegate Maxim Bechterev.


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