Ken Loach illustrates the new slavery in Cannes

Social cinema and glamor. The Festival of Cannes yesterday showed the two faces that best know how to look at the hand of both and very remarkable exponents of the one and the other: the filmmaker Ken Loach, who presented his last movie-complaint and the singer Elton
John, who came to support a feature film about his life.

If there was an authorized director to chronicle the current social and labor situation in Europe, specifically to illustrate the phenomenon of the new slavery and the working poor, that was certainly Ken Loach. And the 82-year-old British filmmaker fulfilled the expectation last night with the presentation in the official section of Cannes of his convincing, emotional and necessary drama Sorry we missed you, title allusive to the phrase that is used in Great Britain in the delivery records that are left in the mailbox or the door of the recipient when the postman or messenger does not find it at home. It is the seventeenth film that Loach exhibits in a festival that adores him and where he has already won Two Palms of Gold.

The French-Senegalese Mati Diop recounts the drama of emigration from the beaches of Dakar

The protagonist of the film, Ricky (Kris Hitchen), is a unemployed father who sees the opportunity to succeed as a driver of his own delivery vehicle. Ricky will lend his services to a company whose chief of staff assures him that he will not work "for" him and the owners but "with" them. And later you can develop a franchise. Therefore, he argues, there is no contract or objectives or stable salary.

At the moment of truth, Ricky can not cope with the deliveries. A diabolic and expensive device, which he would have to pay if he lost it, monitors and communicates all his movements. As soon as you start, a partner gives you a bottle to urinate on it because you will not have time to look for a toilet where to do it. Fines, traffic jams and incidentals will cost you dearly, since the company will bill you for every delay …

But Loach does not only tell the story of Ricky but that of his family, which represents millions of them in the West. In his case, the wife attends to an impossible number of dependents in their homes while carrying the main burden of care to the two children: a teenager and a child of about 8 years. It is a prole of the most normal work precariousness becomes a small powder keg.

The story can tear a tear but also applause as in fact harvested yesterday in a pass reserved for the most conspicuous journalists in the field. The story, moreover, is crude but does not cover all exits.

Even worse is the panorama described by Atlántico, the other film presented yesterday in competition, the work of the French-Senegalese Mati Diop. In it, a group of workers from Dakar who take to sea, heading to Spain, when the company denies them the salary for the fourth consecutive month. Out of the contest was held the first pass of Rocketman, the biopic of Elton John that the artist went to support with his presence. The film, directed by Dexter Fletcher and played by Taron Egerton, is officially presented today.

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