Keylor Navas feels cheated by Zidane

At 11.00 hours on Saturday, the Real Madrid squad jumped to their usual training camp in Valdebebas to exercise for the last time ahead of Sunday's game at Anoeta. They did all the players, except the injured Ramos and Reguilón and, surprise, neither was Keylor. The official explanation of the white club was that Navas adduced muscular discomfort, that no injury, and had been training in the gym as a precaution. And so it was, but the reality is that the Costa Rican was very angry with what happened 24 hours before. A cabreo that five days later not only has not diminished but has gone to more, especially after the poor performance of Courtois before the Royal Society. Navas did not tell anyone he trusted, except his wife, that Zidane had invited him to leave Madrid, but after Thibaut's mistakes in Anoeta the Costa Rican exploded and decided to filter his Friday conversation with Zizou.

It was that day when the Gaul told him that the next season the goalkeeper would be Courtois, a decision that prevailed the idea of ​​the sports management of Real Madrid, whose bet since last summer is for the Belgian goalkeeper. If in the first stage of Zidane in the white bench the Gaul was not intimidated and remained firm in his idea of ​​keeping Navas as a starter, stopping weight transfers like De Gea, Alisson or Kepa, this time the French coach made him to know that he could not do anything and that he should abide by the club's order.

This is when Keylor Navas suffered the greatest disappointment of these five years with Zidane. Two months ago the French coach returned to Real Madrid and during this time he always told the Costa Rican that he was calm and trained hard, because if so, he would have the same opportunities as Courtois to start next season. Therefore, he froze when Zidane heard that his future was not in Real Madrid.

From white to black
"In his previous stage he always gave me his support and confidence. Now he comes back and in the first game he puts me to play. He knows me, he knows that if I do not have to play, I will work and be available to him. I feel calm because I know I have a coach in front of me who is going to tell me the truth and that gives me a lot of peace, "Keylor said on March 16, after Zidane's first game against Celta, in which the goalkeeper tico regained ownership. Eight weeks later, Navas has taken a deception of big dimensions, and although publicly he will maintain a position of respect and gratitude to the one who has been his main supporter in the last five years, feels cheated by him.

Navas could have understood until it bet of first by Courtois for the coming course, but what is not explained is that not even Zidane gives him the opportunity to fight to enter the eleven and pass from everything to nothing in two months. From "be quiet you'll have options to be a starter" to "goodbye, I do not count on you". A radical change that has left Keylor very depressed.

It will be today when for the first time, after the earthquake of these days, Keylor and Zidane meet again in the first training of the week. The French coach also did not like how he has managed Navas these last days, but that will not be a reason for him to change his mind. He wants to start Sunday against Betis so he can say goodbye to the Bernabéu and the fans. Now it's up to Keylor to face it, put aside those supposed muscular discomforts and put himself at Zidane's disposal. He decides what kind of farewell he wants. .

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