Keys to saving on your car insurance


Check the car insurance and compare the offers of different companies can save more than 60%, according to the site However, not always the cheapest options are the most advisable for our vehicle. As you have to take into account different variables to hire the one that best suits each case at the best price, the savings portal has developed a series of tips to lower the insurance premium.

Compare the different offers

The price difference between different insurers can be high, so it is advisable not to keep the first option and compare the offers of several companies in the market. It is also not advisable to keep the lowest price, since a small difference may be justified if the insurance offers wider coverage.

Choose a car that suits your driving experience

If the price for novice drivers is high by default, securing a new or large displacement vehicle will trigger the amount to be paid. For customers with little experience at the wheel, the ideal is to buy a car that suits the profile of the driver.

Hire the type of insurance you need

The premium varies a lot depending on the type of insurance that is contracted. While the modality to third parties has an acceptable price, the one of all risk reaches in many cases a cost too high. Most of the claims of less experienced drivers are slight, so if it is a second-hand car it is advisable to opt for the most basic formulas.

Do not cheat

To include in the insurance a relative with more years at the wheel as the main driver to pay less can be very expensive. If the novice driver suffers an accident, the insurer can interpret that the insurance was hired in a deceptive manner and suppress its effect. In this way, the driver must take care of all expenses and compensation for the loss.


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