KFC promo June 4, 2021, paying IDR 13,636 can get the new KFC Koolz menu!

KONTAN.CO.ID – If you want to get a variety of lunch or dinner menus at affordable prices, KFC outlets can be a fast food restaurant of choice. Because, today’s KFC promo June 4, 2021 you can still get on the weekend.

Today’s KFC promo offers the latest menu titled KFC Koolz. KFC Koolz is ice cream vanilla with sensation crunchy combined with topping sweet chocolate or fresh lychee. The price of KFC Koolz is also quite affordable, starting from only IDR 13,636 per portion.

This KFC promo at an affordable price is suitable for those of you who want to save on a budget culinary at the beginning of the month. Quoting KFC Instagram, there are conditions that you must pay attention to before deciding to buy.

  • KFC promo is valid until May 1, 2022.
  • Only valid at 25 selected outlets in Jabodetabek.
  • Valid for dine in, take away, home delivery, drive-thru and motorcycle taxi online.
  • Prices are before tax and may vary by region.
  • Take away additional fees apply.

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Launch site KFC, KFC Indonesia has a vision to become the number 1 fast food restaurant. KFC also wants to be the most favorite modern restaurant for consumers’ choices in terms of products, prices, services and facilities.

Now, the company has a KFC network with a total of 689 outlets spread across 163 cities/districts throughout Indonesia.

Editor: Novianti Siswandini


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