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The case of the attack of MMA fighter Adam Yandiev on his heavier colleague Sergey Kharitonov comes to an important point – we will soon find out how (and will?) Yandiev be punished for his inability to contain his emotions in a public place.

To understand what Kharitonov’s side is seeking, Sport24 correspondent Yaroslav Stepanov met with Sergey’s lawyer Alexander Kravtsov and found out from him:

  • That Kharitonov’s side does not suit during the investigation of the case;
  • Will the trial against Yandiyev be complicated by Adam’s connections;
  • Does Kharitonov want Yandiev to go to jail;
  • Is it still possible to resolve this conflict peacefully.

– The other day Adam Yandiev was released from the temporary detention center on recognizance not to leave. Do I understand correctly that you are not entirely satisfied with this alignment?
– I would like to clarify that the bodies of inquiry have opened a criminal case under article 115 – “Infliction of minor harm to health.” When Sergey Kharitonov was admitted to the hospital, he was diagnosed with injuries such as a displaced nose fracture, an orbital bone fracture, an eye hematoma, various bruises and a concussion. We fundamentally disagree with the bodies of inquiry, with the bodies of the prosecutor’s office, because I, as a lawyer for Sergey Kharitonov, believe that this is at least moderate harm to health. Naturally, we will appeal against these decisions of the bodies of inquiry. I would like to clarify that we are for the legal decision-making.

– At what stage is the case now?
– Now materials are being collected, an investigation is underway, an inspection is underway, investigative actions are being carried out.

– It is generally accepted that Yandiev has a serious financial resource and many connections, which makes it especially difficult to sue him. Is it so?
– Today we live in a state governed by the rule of law. Connections are possible. Money is possible. We have specialists – it is also possible. In any case, the perpetrator must be punished. And since they are both public people, they bear a great responsibility even more. I cannot give a concrete answer to this question, but we will do everything to ensure that the law is observed.

– What punishment would you like to achieve for Yandiev?
– Everything will depend on the bodies of inquiry, on the law enforcement agencies – what circumstances they will establish. I repeat once again, we do not want any blood and illegal actions. We want transparency and legitimacy. And it doesn’t matter for us that this is a real time. After all, our court makes decisions on the guilt or innocence of a person. So let him make a fair decision. There is no aggression from us.

– What punishment can Yandiev receive under Article 115, under which a case has been initiated now?
– Up to two years in prison. But there are also factors such as active remorse, marital status, and making amends. As a rule, no real term is given for such an article. Most often it is either correctional labor or a suspended sentence.

– Due to injuries, Sergey Kharitonov will have to suspend his MMA career. Will you prepare some kind of claim because of the money that you will not be able to earn during this period due to Yandiev’s attack?
– Recently we discussed this issue with Sergei. He was supposed to have fights in December, January and February. Of course, these are colossal losses, because these are contracts, these are obligations. In this case, we also have difficulties, because we undertake to represent the interests of the parties with whom we have contracts. But now the most important issue is health. When we understand what is wrong with him, then it will come to other issues, but so far they have not been discussed in detail.

– Are you going to insist that the presence or absence of brass knuckles in Adam Yandiev’s hand be established? And is it possible to establish this somehow?
– Today, in the modern world, criminologists have a technique that should establish this fact by video. We hope the clarification process will take place openly and in accordance with the law. According to eyewitnesses and the nature of the harm to Kharitonov’s health, it is possible that something was in Yandiev’s hand. We hope that all the expertise will be reflected in the documents.

– Yandiev claims that Kharitonov sent him three letters right before the fight. Will this fact be established and how important is it for the court?
– This is a question for the guilty behavior of the victim. But we have the result. On my own behalf, this is not a reason to harm, especially to public people, who, first of all, must take care of themselves. Even if Sergei uttered a phrase, this is not the victim’s guilty behavior. Although in the video you can hear Yandiev shouting: “To whom should I?” I think if Kharitonov had sent Adam, he would have shouted something different.

– Before the attack on Kharitonov, Yandiev initiated a similar episode with the participation of Sergei’s friend Ruslan Abdo. Will these incidents be considered within the framework of one case, or can Yandiev be convicted differently for each case separately?
– According to the law, the interrogator must take both of these cases into proceedings and combine them. Because the crimes were committed by one person and harm was caused to both victims. Yes, both attacks will be considered together.

– Do you admit that the parties can still resolve the conflict out of court?
– We are not bloodthirsty, everything should be according to the law. I think if Sergey Kharitonov decides to reconcile, we will definitely not mind. And I, as a specialist, will recommend it to him, because a bad peace is better than a good war. I think we should come to an agreement. Hopefully …

– How important is it for both of them now to monitor their statements in public space?
– In general, this should be clear to all public figures, because young people are watching them, taking an example from them. Therefore, they must initially follow what they say and do. All at once climbs into the public field. Definitely, both Sergei and Adam must control their behavior and words now.

– Could what was said in any interview play against one of them?
– This will be considered by society – there are already reproaches: someone for Adam, someone for Sergei. Of course, if these are accusations with evidence or threats, then all this will be used and evaluated according to the legislation.

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