Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

Kheloe Kardashian admits she's not the one she was five months ago when rumors separated her from Tristan Thompson

Kheloe Kardashian secretly told her fans that she was not "the person she was five months ago," while she thought she was separated from her son. partner Tristan Thompson and is preparing to launch a battle for the guard of the basketball star.

The couple, who lives with his six-month-old daughter, True, would be on the rocks since Tristan was first charged with cheating on Khloe during her pregnancy.

While speculation is mounting about their two-year love story, Khloe is addressing Twitter to share her many tweets.

The messages started with a bit of luck while the mother posted: "I'm grateful for every moment I've had! I was not there enough to think about the beauty of it all! The ups and downs I was just going through I'm grateful to be in a place where I really appreciate each experience, whether it's good, bad or indifferent. "

Khloe was in philosophical mood

She then advised the fans: "Do not be afraid to fall apart or fail, because one day, the situation will give you the opportunity to grow and rebuild yourself in. a brilliant person that you are able to be. "

Khloe then posted: "Self-awareness is beautiful! We should all grow / progress each day! I am not the woman I had 5 months, 5 years ago etc … thanks to God for that! "

Khloe would like to return to Los Angeles with her daughter True

Basketball star Tristan is based in Cleveland

But later, she seemed to backtrack by blaming her "vagabond" thoughts for being late.

His thoughts come after one source told InTouch Weekly that Khloe had cut Tristan adrift and was looking for the main guard of their daughter, True.

The source also claimed that Kris Jenner was determined to do everything in her power to fulfill Khloe's wishes to make True live in Los Angeles rather than in Cleveland, where Tristan is based.

Khloe and Tristan were photographed together in September

Fans were concerned that Khloe had split from Tristan when she shared this post.

"She told Khloe that she would hire the best lawyers and that she would spend all the money needed to make sure that she wins this battle," said Lt. ;initiated.

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