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“Khon Kaen” must win a chance to check the fitness of the main football player, Cha Suphan Buri, at the full team this evening.

“Chong Ang arrogant” Khon Kaen United is worried about having to check the fitness of the main players who have just recovered from the covids. Open the nest to welcome “Suphan Buri FC”, fit all tanks, Thai League battles, Friday night games, today (28 January) at 18.00 AIS Play live shooting

football match “Revo Thai League 2021/22” Matchday 19 on Friday, January 28, 2022 at the Khon Kaen Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium between “Chong Ang Pong” Khon Kaen United The 11th-ranked team with 21 points from 18 games opens their home visit. “Elephant Suek Iuthhee” Suphanburi FC The 14th team with 16 points from 16 matches will be broadcast live AIS PLAY at 18.00

Statistics of the last meeting

30/10/21 Thai League 1 Suphan Buri 2-4 Khon Kaen

Portfolio 5 last match of Khon Kaen United

23/01/22 Thai League 1 Chonburi 2-0 Khon Kaen
15/01/22 Thai League 1 Khon Kaen 0-0 Port Authority
12/01/22 League Cup Kasetsart 1-2 Khon Kaen (draw in 90 minutes 1-1)
09/01/22 Thai League 1 Prachuap 0-1 Khon Kaen
27/11/21 Thai League 1 Khon Kaen 1-0 Samut Prakan

Portfolio 5 last match of Suphan Buri

19/01/22 FA Cup Chiang Mai 2-3 Suphanburi

12/01/22 League Cup Krabi 1-1 Suphanburi
28/11/21 Thai League 1 Suphan Buri 2-0 Bangkok
28/11/21 Thai League 1 Suphan Buri 2-0 Bangkok
24/11/21 FA Cup Suphanburi 3-0 Chainat

The condition of both teams

Khon Kaen United’s Carros Euardo, the latest game, defeated Chonburi FC 0-2, with only 5 points ahead of the relegation area and is facing problems with many players who are infected with covids and lost. give This game also has to check the players who are perfect. In particular, the main characters such as Arif Viela, Romulo Cabral, Plakon Waklang, Chakkrit Palapol and Ibson Melo, make this game expected. Should still have to play the losing set to Chonburi mainly, led by Adisak Sosoongnern, Kritsada Hemwipat, as well as Yassear Pinto.

On Suphanburi FC, with Adebayo Gadebo, the latest game invaded Chiang Mai United in the Chang FA Cup Round of 16, there is no peace, Ratniyom, a high-level midfielder who is banned from collecting yellow cards. Complete 4 cards As for other people, such as Patrick Dayto, Staphon Malaphan, Lossemi Caraboue, Kittisak Hoshin, William Enrique and Danilo Lopez are all ready to enter the field.

11 players expected to enter the field

Khon Kaen United : Yossaphon Thiengdah (keeper), Narongrit Boonsuk, Abhisit Kwankwai, Adisak Chosoungnern, Tinakorn Asurin, Kritsada Hemwipat, Adisorn Phumichat, Santithon Sathitrom, Krit Prom Boonsarn , Thanapon Srithong , Yassear Pinto

Suphan Buri FC : Patrick Dayto (Goalkeeper), Nattaphon Malaphan, Jeong Han Sol, Thanaset Sucharit, Thanaphong Boonthap, General Manikorn Jensen, Lossemi Kara Bueh , Kittisak Hochin , Chakkrit Vejpirom , William Enrique , Danilo Lopez


If looking at the condition of the two teams’ readiness, it must be said that Suphanburi is considered very ready because the locals themselves are facing problems with players infected with covids. Until making the main character almost no one is wrong with the Suphan Buri side that is ready in every way Plus, having been fully rested last week, making the Suphanburi game look a lot better, should be able to break through and win.

Expected score, Suphan Buri invaded 2-0

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