KIA dealers have cleverly turned around diesel Sorento customers

After eliminating the “jambs” of the 8DCT box, you can forget about the “cheap” versions of the cross.

Photo: Diesel KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA

Diesel KIA Sorento has finally arrived in showrooms, but customers, who have been waiting for cars since mid-October, have not received them yet. According to one of the versions, this may be due to the fact that the manufacturer decided to compensate for the costs of a hasty correction of the “robot” marriage at the expense of buyers. And this opinion is not unfounded, the editorial board of Pokatim is sure.

Customers of the diesel Sorento Premium and Premium +, who have made a full prepayment of 3.0-3.15 million rubles, have a high chance of meeting their cars soon. The crossovers have already arrived at dealerships after a 2-month delay, probably related to the elimination of the identified factory defect, according to the Wroom resource.

However, the Sorento in the Prestige is no longer available. If information about expensive versions reappeared on the official website of Kia in Russia, then back in November there was information about Prestige with 2.2 CRDi for 2.59 million, and now it disappeared.

Photo: KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA
Photo: KIA Sorento 2021, source: KIA

Apparently, selling cheap “diesels” at the old price is no longer profitable – the elimination of the admitted “jambs” presumably with a “box” on a large batch of cars cost the manufacturer too much. Selling expensive Sorentos can compensate for the financial loss.

KIA does not want to incur colossal losses due to emergency improvements, nor to give already paid amounts to customers and, most likely, lose customers. They don’t return money, don’t give out a car, as always they don’t explain anything.

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Photo: KIA Sorento in a new body in the dealer's salon, source:
Photo: KIA Sorento in a new body in the dealer’s salon, source:

KIA has taken a wait-and-see attitude towards customers: instead of cheap “diesels” they will be able to offer “rich” versions with an additional payment of 400 thousand rubles. Dexterous calculation is carried out for “starvation”. Exhausted by expectation and uncertainty, motorists will wave their hand and “bring the rest”, if only this hassle ends.

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Such “rounding up” with shifting unforeseen costs onto customers will not cleanse the “stains” from the reputation of the Korean company in Russia, but will allow it to stay in the black and retain customers, paying attention to improving the quality of service.


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