Kia presents electrical plans. He wants to become a world leader in electromobility

Korean carmaker Kia has unveiled plans for future products. And it should come as no surprise that electrification plays a key role.

Kia Motors Corporation has given an insight into the global business strategy for electric cars. And it must be said that the brand does not have small goals. Kia wants to build its position as a leader in the global electric car market. How? The ability to respond to rapidly growing customer demand as the company introduces a range of new electric vehicles across automotive segments.

“Since the launch of its first series-produced Kia Ray EV electric car in 2011, Kia has sold over 100,000 electric cars worldwide.” said Ho Sung Song, president and CEO of the Korean carmaker, that he intends to continue the expansion in the field of electric cars. “With a special focus on electrification, we want electric vehicles to account for 25% of our sales by 2029.”

The brand thus continues in the strategic Plan S, which it presented at the beginning of this year. By 2025, it wants to expand its range of electric cars to 11 different models. In the same period, battery cars are expected to account for 20% of the brand’s total sales in developed markets (including Korea, North America and Europe). Seven dedicated electric cars (cars developed with electric drive from the beginning) will appear on the market by 2027.


The first of a series of new electric cars, codenamed CV, will be unveiled in 2021 as the first “stand-alone” electric car. In addition to the electric drive, the “tube” will become the bearer of the brand’s new design language. All this within the company-wide transformation. The new visual philosophy is said to be characterized by attributes of progress, diversity and a rich mixture of contrasting elements.

In practice, this means that the electric car will offer Kia in all important categories. It counts on a city electric car, but also a larger car for overcoming longer distances and a sports electric car. The key will be the E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) chassis platform, which, according to the creators, will offer the most spacious cabins in the respective class.

The charging was not forgotten either. Kia strives to provide a comprehensive charging infrastructure through strategic alliances. The carmaker is part of the European company Ionity, which specializes in high-speed charging of electric cars. At the same time, the brand is looking for partners for the development of charging infrastructure in the USA and China, the goal is to provide optimal infrastructure in accordance with the needs of specific markets.


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