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Kia Sportage 4 × 4 in the Czech mountains

Kia Sportage with serial number 5 announced the arrival of a truly completely new and unexplored generation of this model, which was confirmed in terms of design almost immediately after the official unveiling.

Photo: Kia CR

The new design language has affected the appearance of the entire car

The new platform also brought with it an expressively shaped body, reminiscent of a UFO. The designers simply dared to introduce a completely new language in which Kia cars are now presented.

The revolution has also arrived in the interior, where in addition to the two combined screens, you will find a central console with a selector and buttons for selecting driving and off-road modes. For 4 × 4 variants, the ATV can also be temporarily closed (up to 40 km / h), for example when driving up snowy hills.

Photo: Kia CR

The gearbox selector is rotatable, as is the travel profile selector

Of interest is the multimode display located below the central information system. He can change the controls for air conditioning or navigation and audio by pressing a button.

Kia Sportage generation Year of performance
1. 1993
2. 2004
3. 2010
4. 2015
5. 2021

It is also worth mentioning the graphics of the digital instrument, which partly changes according to the weather and also displays the recording from the side cameras, which you have available every time you activate the turn signal. This is a very pleasant feature, thanks to which you have visual control over what is happening in the immediate vicinity of the car.

Photo: Kia CR

The cabin relies on digitization and spaciousness

The assistance system for keeping the car out of the lanes has also been improved. Not only does it hold the SUV exactly in the middle of the lines, but for example at a crossroads during a turn (where there are no lanes) it can “capture” the car in front of you and copy its track thanks to the front camera.

Hybrid models boast another feature, namely the possibility of remote control within the drive or capture, for example, to the parking space. So no more getting out of the car in tight spaces, now you only need a key and the appropriate buttons.

Photo: Kia CR

The fifth Sportage is also full of assistive technologies

If we compare the airy interiors of Sportage and sister Tucson in the final, then we lean more to the side of Kie, because her cabin has a slightly more modern impression and the materials used (especially plastics) look better.

Healthy confident

For the ride itself, we chose an ATV equipped with a 180-liter supercharged 1.6-liter supercharged engine, a mild-hybrid (MHEV) system and a seven-speed automatic with two clutches. There is one interesting thing about the SportEV technology at the Sportage, and that is that in the Eco mode, the car manages to switch to the inertia (sailing) mode.

  • More than 5 million Sportage cars have been used worldwide
  • Every fourth Kia model sold worldwide is a Sportage
  • The 4th generation Sportage was the best-selling model of the Kia brand ever
  • About 23,600 Sportage models have been registered in the Czech Republic so far

When traveling on icy and no less broken mountain roads, the Sportage surprised us with its comfort (on 19 “wheels!), Which is due not only to the adaptive shock absorbers in the GT-Line equipment, but also to the multi-element rear suspension. Add to that solid soundproofing, wide glazing and overall pleasant spaciousness.

Photo: Kia CR

The driving comfort of the car is extremely pleasant, soundproofing was also pleasing

In terms of driving, it is simply a healthy, confident car with a successful 4 × 4 drive, ensuring solid grip even on premium tires. After all, the piece we tested had Barum Polaris 3 tires, which is not a hi-tech brand.

But even so, the Sportage obediently drove to the snow and ice where the driver wanted. So electronic stabilization also did its job, but one way or another we give the car a thumbs up while overcoming mountain roads.

Photo: Kia CR

Comfort seats also have a positive effect on comfort

The overall impressions of the car are positive, as we are really talking about a modern SUV, ready for the 21st century. What is not so positive, however, is the price, which starts without twenty crowns at 600,000 CZK, which is not enough.

Interesting facts about Sportage 5th generation

  • All fifth Sportage equipment has aluminum wheels (6 designs in total)
  • You can choose from 13 body colors
  • The suitcase offers a volume of up to 591 l
  • The rear seats are divided in a ratio of 40:20:40
  • The front headrests have built-in clothes hangers
  • The offer includes petrol, diesel, MHEV, HEV and PHEV
  • All models have a center airbag and belt pretensioners at the rear
  • You can also search in the info system, so there is no need to wander through the settings
  • The most modern KIA plant is located near Žilina, Slovakia, where Sportage is also born
  • 5th generation sportage is shorter in the EU

Of course, the car is basically better equipped, it offers a supercharged turbo gasoline with 150 horsepower and a manual for that, it’s just not as affordable as before. Namely, such a better center is already for almost 720,000 CZK and the highest equipment is attacking a million crowns.

Photo: Kia

The Czech representation estimates that the Exclusive 1.6 T-GDI GPF 4 × 2 6MT 150 hp variant with a price of CZK 649,980 will be sold best here.

With each inch of adult sport, it has more or less left the more popular segment and is more targeted at more demanding clients. She therefore left the role of a more financially attractive SUV to the smaller XCeed or compact Stonic. In any case, there is serious competition from German and French constants, which also proves how much the South Koreans have improved over the years and how far they have come.

Photo: Jakub Misík

For comparison – this is what the 4th generation Kia Sportage looks like

It’s not so long ago that Hyundai and Kia just learned to make real cars, but today? Today, these are established brands, in many industries technological leaders and, after all, strong carmakers as such, which can tackle any European market, including ours.

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