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Kilifeu reveals the salty response of the CEO of Senico to the crappy deal that a businessman had offered him.

The way in which the land issue is managed in Senegal is all that Landing Mbessane Seck alias denounces. Kilifeu. The latter, a member of the movement ” Y en a marre ” legitimizes his opposition to these cessions by the fact that ” less than 100 people in this country have shared most of the land in Senegal. This is through the fault of the State of Senegal which ceded the land. ” A statement he made this Sunday, February 7, 2021 in the town of Keur Massar during the celebration of a day of prayers and thanks for the benefit of Serigne Abdoulaye Dia and the actors of the press.

“We would like to thank the owner of these 27 hectares Serigne Abdoulaye Dia who had the generosity to bequeath the 5 hectares to the populations,” said Kilifeu after the demonstrations. This, before revealing the dirty trick that a Senegalese businessman had offered him on the backs of the inhabitants of the Cité Darou Salam 2 Extension. Someone had to offer the director of Senico the sum of 3 billion CFA francs against a commission of 500 million. But Serigne Abdoulaye Dia said niet. He replied that whatever the state must do for the population, businessmen like him, have a duty to do it for their fellow citizens. ” On this subject, the rapper who had to mediate between the two conflicting parties, clarified that the businessman whose name he has you had made this offer just after the release of the court decision favorable to the sieur Dia.

He specifies: “I really wanted to say this to the Senegalese to invite other businessmen to think and act like Mr. Dia”. An opportunity he took to announce the will of his comrades to take actions in the direction of changing the situation. We plan to make a documentary. I think that we have more control over the land question than the state because each time we receive complaints from the populations. Earlier we talked about 20,000 hectares of Frank Timis. I think there are only a few journalists and activists who are aware of this situation. Apart from that, people ignore the land deal that is being made between the state and businessmen, and between the latter and foreigners like Frank Timis and others. So we are going to make this documentary and push the State of Senegal to really organize the Assises to see how to recover and return, in a transparent way, the land to the Senegalese. This will allow all our fellow citizens to have a home. ”

He also thinks that the president “Macky Sall must be more visionary”. And wonders: ” Why his other counterparts like Paul Kagamé are more ambitious and see further than him? At a time when in Rwanda or in other countries, we talk about each family / a roof, here the slogan is: ” families outside, in the street ”. So we really invite the President of the Republic to reflect and to be ambitious like his counterparts, ” he said.


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