Kill husband, a woman was executed by her own child. Page all

TEHERAN, – A woman in Iran was executed by her own child, because it was proven that she killed her husband.

Maryam Karimi was sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband who was said to have abused her with the help of her father.

He was hanged on March 13 at the Rasht Central Prison, after previously being imprisoned for 10 years.

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Reported Iran International TV, Maryam’s daughter participated in the execution of her mother.

The son, who was six years old when his father was murdered, refuses to forgive or accept “Diya” (blood money) from his mother.

Maryam was sentenced to death after being proved in the Qisas indictment, which has the literal meaning of “eye for eye”.

In Qisas, the relatives of the victim must be present at the execution, where they themselves carry out the execution.

Sources told the local human rights institution that since the murder, Maryam’s child has been in the care of her father’s family.

For 13 years, the father’s family has always said that his parents are dead, it is quoted The Sun Tuesday (23/3/2021).

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However, they decided to tell the truth a few weeks before the execution to prepare themselves mentally.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, Director of Iran Human Rights, said that Tehran made Maryam’s daughter the executioner for her own mother.

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After the death sentence was carried out, Maryam’s father named Ebrahim was reportedly brought to see his daughter’s body.

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Ativis and journalist Aram Bolandpaz said that the execution of Maryam was a form of victory for men.

He said for four decades, the local government had brainwashed students with extreme punishments.

“Maryam’s son was raised to make sure the execution of his mother was a victory for the men,” he condemned.


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