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Killed a pedophile friend who raped his son, this father was arrested

MOSCOW, KOMPAS.com – A father in Russia gets a defense, after killing his pedophile friend, who raped his daughter.

The pedophile, identified only as Oleg Sviridov, saved evidence of his assault on children in Vintai Village, Samara Region, on his cell phone.

Vyacheslav M befriended Sviridov, with the rocket engine factory worker drinking when he saw footage of the sex offender on his cell phone.

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The footage shows Sviridov raping Vyacheslav’s daughter, who is now reportedly nine years old.

Suddenly the 34-year-old father became furious and confronted Sviridov, who managed to escape before being injured.

Russian media reported that Sviridov was a close friend of Vyacheslav. He is said to have abused his friend’s son several times.

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Vyacheslav reported the rape of his son to the police, who gave chase.

However, Vyacheslav managed to find Sviridov. In a fit of rage, he stabbed the pedophile to death.

To the police, Vyacheslav confessed he accidentally killed him, with the knife falling and hitting Sviridov while they were fighting.

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The sex predator’s body was found on Thursday (2/9/2021), more than a week after Vyacheslav saw the video.

Vyacheslav was arrested. But at the same time, the police also opened a sexual harassment investigation on Sviridov’s cell phone.

Law enforcement sources revealed that he had abused children for five years, with a total of three victims.

In addition to Vyacheslav’s son, the police obtained data on other victims aged six and 11 years.

In response to Vyacheslav’s arrest, both villagers and netizens wanted him not to be charged with murder.

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“He is not a murderer. He has protected his daughter and our son,” said one resident. “Everyone by his side,” said another quoted Daily Mail.

Former Russian presidential candidate and well-known journalist Kesnia Sobchak said all parents were against the pedophile.

Sviridov’s mother herself admitted that she did not know why her son could become a sex offender to his friends’ children.

“She’s probably drunk. They left their child with her. If she comes home after taking care of them, she usually feels good,” she said.

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