Killed during sex, this male genitalia is coated with super strong glue

AHMEDABAD, – Men in India who died during sex reportedly coated his genitals with super strong glue.

Police in Ahmedabad said the man, named Salman Mirza, used adhesive on his penis as a substitute for condoms.

Local police said Salman and his partner had sniffed the adhesive smell as a “starter” in the incident at the Amber Hotel, Ahmedabad.

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The day after they entered the hotel, the 25-year-old man was found unconscious in the bushes in front of his hotel.

Reported Daily Mirror Thursday (26/8/2021), Salman was rushed to the hospital. But he died while being treated.

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local media Times of India citing authorities who said the two had sex after taking drugs.

“Because they didn’t have a condom, they decided to apply glue to the victim’s genitals to make sure the partner was not pregnant,” police said.

Salman is said to have carried the glue because they often smelled it, investigators and the man’s family said.

When his death came to light, Salman’s family said it was a male partner who applied adhesive to their genitals.

Salman’s family then lodged a report with the police alleging that the couple had committed murder.

In addition to the autopsy, the local police said they had sent samples to the forensic team to confirm the allegations by Salman’s family.

According to a law enforcement statement, Salman died in the incident which occurred last June due to organ failure.

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He was the breadwinner of the family, and had to take care of his aging parents and two siblings.

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