Kim Jong Un Promotes New Ideology Kimjongunism, What Is It?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta North Korea’s number one, Kim Jong Un recently attracted attention. The 37-year-old man ordered all his employees to remove a photo of his father, Kim Jong-Il and his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, which was installed in the main building of the Pyongyang government. Not without reason, he did this to succeed in the promotion of his new ideology called ‘Kimjongunism’ in the government.

As reported by, the North Korean leader is trying to erase the shadow of his predecessor’s supreme leader. Kim Jong Un wants to create his own leadership climate. He did this by introducing a new ideology, called ‘Kimjongunism’. In fact, Kim Jong Un earned the nickname as the ‘big leader’ by the North Korean media. Previously, this term was intended for his grandfather, Kim Il Sung.

Kim Jong Un’s actions are against the culture of the Kim Dynasty. Because, the Kim Dynasty is known to have great respect for their ancestors. The action taken by Kim Jong Un is the first time in the history of North Korean leadership.

The introduction of Kimjongunism ideology was motivated by several factors. Described in, Kim Jong Un does not agree with some of the policies that have been made during the previous leadership period, which was held by his father and grandfather. One of them is about linking the legitimacy of the successor to the respect of his predecessor. Therefore, Kim Jong Un wants to create a climate of a ‘new’ dictatorship, centered on him alone.

The major changes made by Kim Jong Un are seen as a form of confidence in his legitimacy, after ten years as the main ruler in North Korea. However, plans regarding the new ideology of ‘Kimjongunism’ have not been officially broadcast by North Korean media. However, the South Korean Intelligence Service was aware of this strategy.

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Earlier, in the 1970s, the term ‘Kimilsungism’ was used as a form of belief in the previous leader, Kim Il Sung, who was none other than the grandfather of Kim Jong Un. Then, in the following decade, the term ‘Kimilsungisme-Kimjongilisme’ emerged. A term that describes the leader of a country and his heirs.


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