Kim Jong Un’s Classy Lifestyle, Has Hundreds of Luxury Cars and Private Resorts

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, besides being famous for his assertiveness, he is also famous for his luxurious lifestyle. Not only does he spend his money to eat luxurious food, but he also sometimes spends a lot of money to run his hobby.

Launching from, this is the luxurious lifestyle of the figure of Kim Jong Un:

1. Hundreds of Luxury Cars
Since he was 7 years old, Kim Jong Un’s father has let his son drive. Kim Jong Un has been a car enthusiast since his father was around. It is known that Kim Jong Un likes Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce as well as a number of racing cars and currently, Kim Jong Un owns no less than 100 luxury cars.

2. Private Cinema
Unlike other people who have to go to the cinema to see a movie, Kim Jong Un spent $200,000 to build his own private cinema in his home. It is known that this cinema can accommodate up to 100 people and there are workers in charge of making popcorn.

3. Piano Dozens
The average person usually only has one piano in his house. This North Korean leader has more than 20 pianos placed in several of his homes.

4. Luxury Imported Food
Kim Jong Un has some of his favorite foods from all over the world. Therefore, if he wants to eat something delicious and luxurious, he can directly import it from abroad, such as caviar, mango from Thailand, and beef from Denmark.

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5. Masikryong Ski Resort
Kim Jong Un used most of his money to build Masikryong Ski Resort. Initially the resort was built to increase tourism in North Korea, but because in North Korea there is almost no snow, the resort is empty of visitors. Not only is it deserted, but Kim Jong Un sometimes closes ski resorts for his own holidays and no one is allowed in. Like his private resort.

6. Private Golf Classes
There is a story that Kim Jong Il has an impressive golf record. Even though it turned out to be just a lie, Kim Jong Un also inherited his father’s hobby and took a prestigious golf class.

7. Cruise Ship
Kim Jong Un loves to travel on cruise ships. For that he had to spend more than US $ 7 million to buy a new yacht. Inside the cruise ship there is even a salon for Kim Jong Un to enjoy his luxury imported liquor. Since he owns almost all of the land in southwest North Korea, Kim Jong Un sometimes likes to take his yacht around to check on people living on the coast.


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