Friday, 18 Jan 2019

Kim Kardashian DELETES tweet naked after Piers Morgan announced "inappropriate timing" following the killings at the Pittsburgh Synagogue

Piers Morgan does not like Kim Kardashian very much and, despite his support for President Trump, he is fiercely opposed to the notoriously lax US gun laws.

Both sides of social media life from Good Morning Britain's organizers met this morning as he criticized the "inappropriate" tweet of reality TV star Kim, released shortly after the latest mass shot at United States.

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Shooting Pittsburgh

The tweet, which consisted only of a date – November 2 – and an image of a naked woman's torso, was likely to promote Kim's new line of cosmetics.

Kim Kardashian deleted
The star of reality TV has deleted this tweet after the critics of Piers

Piers called it inappropriate

Piers accused the reality-TV star of behaving badly as it should be shortly after the horrible events in Pittsburgh, which claimed the lives of eleven people.

Piers tweeted: "While the United States is marveling at an abominable mass shootout in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Kim Kardashian posts this image on Twitter.

"Delete it, @KimKardashian – if you still have a little decency."

Kim quickly removed the message, which may have been programmed hours before the mass murder.

Piers then tweeted triumphantly "UPDATE: @KimKardashian has now deleted his repugnantly inappropriate tweet."

Since then, Kim has published several other similar images, including a much more explicit one showing a naked woman from waist to toe.

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Piers has not commented on any of these images yet. Kim's most recent article on social media is a retweet by gun reform activist David Hogg, who said: "F ** k the NRA, vote".

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