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Kim So-hye visits ‘Ghost House’ ahead of the release of the movie ‘Ghost House’… “Even ghosts have their own stories.”

(Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel)

[뉴스웍스=이동헌 기자] Singer and actress Kim So-hye from the girl group I.O.I will appear as a guest by ‘Picking’ Discovery Channel Korea’s ‘Ghost House’, which will be aired on the 29th.

Kim So-hye, who gained great popularity as a singer by appearing in Produce 101, is active as an actress by appearing in various works, and in particular, she has won Rookie of the Year award at numerous awards ceremonies through the movie ‘To Yoon-hee’. He also became a hot topic when he took the lead role with Kim Kang-woo in the movie ‘Gwimoon’, which will be released in August. Ghost House MC Heo Seong-tae heard that the title of the movie starring Kim So-hye was ‘Gwimoon’ and said, “The topic of today’s story is Gwimoon” and couldn’t hide his surprise.

In the 4th episode of Ghost House, we introduce the ‘Belair Mansion’ in the United States, where there is a ‘ghost gate’, a gate through which ghosts enter and exit. In the Belaire Mansion, built in 1909, a woman named Ryde suddenly dies in the mansion of a heart attack. After his death, Edwin attempts a ‘Necropolis’ to make contact with his sister’s soul. The necromancer was successful, but because the mansion was a ‘ghost gate’, it summoned other evil spirits besides her sister’s soul.

After a long period of time, in the Bellaire Mansion, where many tenants have left due to various anomalies, supernatural experts Nick and Katrina go out to find out the identity of the ghost that threatens people. So-hye Kim is shocked to see Nick and Katrina conversing with the soul using the ‘Giobox’, a device that detects supernatural phenomena and souls using radio frequencies. Next, Kim So-hye said, “The bedroom is strangely scary. I always have scary thoughts before I go to bed,” he said.

In particular, Kim So-hye reveals her horror experiences, saying that she had experience in ‘spawning’ in abandoned houses when MC Heo Seong-tae asked if there were any memorable episodes related to ‘Necromancer’. In addition, Kim So-hye raised expectations for the creepy story of Bellaire’s mansion by revealing her feelings, “Even ghosts have their own stories.”

Meanwhile, ‘Ghost House’ is hosted by actor Heo Seong-tae and tells a story of unexpected horror to new guests every week. You can watch it on the Discovery Channel every Thursday at 8 PM.

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