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Kırklareli Governorate’s ‘coronavirus’ statement – Breaking News

In a statement made by the Governorship of Kırklareli, it was stated that some social media accounts shared the allegations of coronavirus incidents in the city.

In the Governor’s statement, which stated that such shares should not be respected, “We do not have any patients with coronavirus (Covid-19) detected in our province. Sharing, which causes panic and anxiety, especially from social media accounts, has become a global epidemic and is rapidly spreading around the world.

While not respecting such posts, you can follow all the comments on our website of Kırklareli Governorship and our official social media accounts of Kırklareli Governorship.

Kırklareli Governorate is the authorized institution for the necessary information and press releases at the provincial level, and action will be taken about those who have been identified by the provincial police and provincial gendarmerie teams to create fear, anxiety and panic among the public within the scope of virtual patrol activities.

Therefore, leaving the panic and anxiety of our people aside, it is highly requested to apply the 14 rules against the risk of coronavirus “.

On the other hand, it was reported that the general assemblies of the cooperative planned to be held throughout the province within the scope of coronavirus measures were postponed to a later date.


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