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Klaas Heufer-Umlauf apologizes after fake allegations ›ze.tt

In the programs by Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Joko Winterscheidt, not everything should have gone as it was shown. Instead of with uninvolved protagonists, Late night Berlin has been worked with actors, instead of bringing ignorant celebrities into uncomfortable situations Duel around the world some things were discussed. With these fake allegations, the two entertainers looked through this last week NDR format CTRL_F faced. However, a reaction was not long in coming, and ProSieben also expressed itself in a press release rather vaguely. Now Heufer has circulation in his broadcast Late night Berlin officially apologized to the viewers.

“Of course, our first reflex was to say, yes, we’re only doing nonsense television here,” began Heufer-Umlaufs Apology monologue on his show Late night Berlin, “And for God’s sake, we are not journalists who are now only committed to the truth. We are Joko and Klaas, we have closed our mouths, we have sprayed a donut on our foreheads, we do no documentation, no reports, and we also do and show things that you and you should pull out of everyday life, that is the main goal ”. They would exaggerate and dramatize; for a better punch line, they exaggerated or shortened things, sometimes making them more spectacular than they would have been in reality. “Much of what happens in television studios, and much of what is reported in this report, is quite rightly part of a production called Entertainment.”

Because spontaneously

In the half-hour video from STRG_F, Joko and Klaas: This is how they fake their videos, the research team looked into the question of how credible the scenes in the programs by Heufer-Umlauf and Winterscheidt are. In doing so, they discovered, among other things, that an alleged bicycle thief, who was in a prank of Late night Berlin allegedly caught in the act, was actually engaged. The scene was filmed at least twice, according to NDR. Even in one episode Duel around the world, in which actor Edin Hasanović is supposed to be left alone in a hot air balloon, the reality was different. However, according to the NDR, a pilot was by his side all the time. With these research results, the question now arises: If these scenes are fake, what can you still believe? How far can fun television go?

ProSieben commented on the allegations in a press release, but without explicitly admitting anything or apologizing. So far, Heufer-Umlauf had not made a clear statement on the whole topic. In the last published episode of his podcast Baywatch Berlin (Title: Cheeky wankers in the eye of the shitstorm) only sounds that he is the allegation for half as wild.

Sincere apologies

At Late night Berlin He finally admitted: “Nevertheless, and I want to say this clearly, we have overshot this goal in individual cases, for example in the case of a bicycle thief.” such a simple “is just entertainment”: “I can understand anyone who has been disappointed. I would like to apologize, seriously and without any irony. That was a mistake without ifs and buts and will not happen again. We and everyone who works with us on our shows loves television, loves to present things that are as spectacular, funny or often super stupid as possible ”.

I can also understand anyone who has been disappointed. I would like to apologize, seriously and without any irony.

The mistakes they would have made were not made out of sheer cynicism, contempt for viewers or laziness, according to Heufer-Umlauf: “There were individual cases in which we did not want to see that reality is less exciting than what we like to see on the show stage. “

When asked how things were going to go now, the seriousness was over: “Next week is judge Alexander Hold’s trial.”

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