Klopp Scolds Mo Salah about COVID-19


Jürgen Klopp reprimand Mohamed Salah a matter of protocol COVID-19, after the attacker was infected corona virus. But Klopp was reluctant to reveal the contents of his reprimand.

Mohamed Salah was infected with COVID-19 before defending the Egyptian national team in last week’s African Cup Qualifiers. The 28-year-old striker immediately went into quarantine and was absent from defending Egypt at the international break.

Several reports said Salah contracted COVID-19 after attending the wedding party of his younger brother, Nasr, in Cairo, a few days before the Egyptian national team match. In the video footage circulating, Salah appears to be crowding with other guests and is not wearing a mask properly.

As a result, now Mo Salah has to step aside from the squad Liverpool and absent when facing the top of the standings, Leicester City, Monday (23/11/2020) in the morning WIB. The former AS Roma player also may not be able to play in the match against Atalanta in the Champions League.

Mohamed Salah did not get any sanctions from the Egyptian authorities despite violating health regulations. But the Liverpool Manager Jürgen Klopp make sure the player gets a warning regarding this incident.

“He’s in a good place. He feels fine. There’s nothing to say publicly about all the things I talk to my players, but I can say that last summer I was in Germany and a friend shifted. his birthday party because I was there, “Juergen Klopp was quoted as saying BBC.

“There were 50 people present at the time. I decided at the last minute not to come and the party was allowed in Germany. It was held outdoors, but I didn’t go.”

“In other countries, there is more social pressure on you and the brother’s marriage is a very special moment. All I can say is you my players are all extremely disciplined. There have been cases but they all understand the situation.”

“But sometimes things don’t go like this and something happens. And we are in a situation like this now, but all the other things are between me and Mo, and we’ve discussed it so yeah we’re fine,” he continued.

Duel Liverpool vs Leicester City in continued Premier League can be watched on Grindstone TV through the following link.

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