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Know the canary, where does this bird come from? all pages

KOMPAS.com – Canaries are a type of pet bird that has a unique sound that makes it popular among bird lovers. nonetheless, where does this bird come from?

The popularity of the canary among bird lovers, namely because of its melodious chirping sound. The sound of canaries is an attractive attraction for fans of songbirds.

Quoted from Pets SpurceTuesday (25/10/2022), the canary has a Latin name Serinus canaria domestica and he had been well-bred for a long time.

The history and origin of the Canary

nonetheless, perhaps not many know where this Canary comes from.

It turns out that the wild canary is a type of small finch from the Macaronian islands such as the Azores, Madeira, and the Canary Islands.

This species of bird has been bred in captivity since the 17th century.

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During this period, canaries were imported from Europe by Spanish sailors after they conquered the Macaronesian islands.

This colorful winged bird was later sold in pet stores and genetically, the canaries that are now widely kept are very different from their ancestors, the wild canaries in their native place.

The canary is a bird species that is very easy to breed with other finch species. In the end this hybridization resulted in a unique type of Canary.

For example, red canaries are produced by breeding domestic canaries with red siskins, the South American finches.

Canary character

The uniqueness of the Canary is that it is very delighted to be around people, and it is a smart bird breed.

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It’s no wonder that owners often train canaries to do small commands, such as sit on the owner’s hand, pose or direct them to fly around the room.

The younger the Canary, the easier it will be to train. nonetheless, to tame and train a Canary, it takes patience and consistent practice.

In addition, canaries are solitary birds, so they will not be lonely easily if they are locked alone in a cage.

nonetheless, these songbirds can also coexist in an aviary with other small birds.

nonetheless, it is recommended not to put two male canaries in one cage, as they are likely to fight.

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Singing canary

Singing Canary is one of the unique qualities of the canary that makes this bird popular among bird chirping fans.

Singing canaries, especially male canaries, are bred to sing. The female canary, mainly sings with a song, while the male, generally the songs sound like an elaborate song.

The more unique and different the sound of the canary, the more expensive the canary will be. Although this bird is a type of bird that can be found anywhere.

Colorful canary feathers

Wild canaries generally have green-yellow feathers on most of the body, and the underside of the body is yellow.

Due to the selective breeding of domestic canaries, many canaries will have brightly colored plumage, including orange, white, red and yellow.

Yellow is the most common color for domestic canaries.

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