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Know the Health Conditions in Your Body Through the Following Nail Conditions

Merdeka.com – The health condition of a person can be reflected in various things. This condition can appear on the face, eyes, hair, or other body parts.

This health condition can also be reflected from the tip of our body, namely the nails. Health can be reflected in the shape and color of the nails.

Nails are one part of the body that can be maintained its beauty. These nail beauties can be used as a way to increase attractiveness.

In addition to beauty, nails can also be used to see a person’s health condition. In certain colors or shapes, nails can indicate what disease a person has. Reporting from Medical Daily, here are things we can know from the condition of a person’s nails.

1. Pale Nails

The pink color that is on our bodies usually means that the body is healthy, the same thing happens to the nails. However, when the nails are pale, it means there is a problem with malnutrition, anemia, liver problems, or even heart failure.

2. Nails are White

The white color shown by the nails can be a sign of a health problem that you are experiencing. Conditions that can occur from this problem are anemia, heart failure, and liver problems such as hepatitis.

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Blue and Yellow Condition

3. Blue Nails

Nails that have a little blue color indicate that your body is deprived of oxygen. Another problem that can arise from this problem is the presence of problems in the lungs and heart.

4. Yellow Nails

Yellow color that appears on the nails can be a sign of a fungal infection in you. As the condition worsens, the nail shape is usually slightly raised and slightly cracked. Other health problems that arise can be lung problems, diabetes, or thyroid disease.

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