Knowing the shape of the earth according to the Quran, here’s the explanation

earth illustration. shutterstock © 2020 – The debate about the shape of the earth is still being discussed. Some think that the shape of the earth is round. However, not a few people also believe that the earth is flat.

Seeing the ongoing debate about the round and flat earth, an Arab astronaut named Hazza Al Mansouri in 2019 returned to researching the shape of the earth. After seeing and proving from outer space, the Arab astronaut did not see the shape of the flat earth.

Regarding the shape of the round earth, it has actually been described for a long time in the Koran. There are countless verses of the Quran which confirm that the earth is round. The proof that the earth is round is the alternation of night and day.

Before scientists stated that the earth was round, the Koran had more confirmed that the earth was round. More specifically, the following is the shape of the earth according to the Koran which is quoted from NOT Online:

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