Kobe Bryant could have a documentary similar to that of Michael Jordan

The late Kobe Bryant could be the protagonist of a documentary in the style of the successful ‘The Last Dance’ of the Chicago Bulls from Michael Jordan, when arranging that his last season in the NBA was filmed closely, reported the ESPN network.

According to ESPN information, the Los Angeles Lakers star caused a recording team to have privileged access to team locker rooms, training and travel during the 2015-2016 season, the last of his 20 years with the franchise. Six cameras came to cover Kobe Bryant’s last game, in which he scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz at the age of 37.

“They had a unprecedented access and much older than anyone before, ”John Black, who headed the Lakers’ public relations department for 27 years, told ESPN. “We allowed them to do as much as we could within the league’s scope, and sometimes, with a wink and looking the other way, we allowed them even more.”

According to sources consulted by ESPN, it is still unclear what will happen to this material. The images were in the editing period to prepare a possible documentary that would be released in a few years and Kobe Bryant himself would have seen them a few months before his death and made his comments. “It is unlikely that those plans have changed,” the sources told the network.

Kobe Bryant, winner of five NBA rings, died on January 26 with his daughter Gianna and seven other people in a helicopter crash. The loss of the ‘Black Mamba’ shocked the NBA world which, like other sports, is now paralyzed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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A black campaign for the Lakers

With the season suspended, the premiere this week of the first episodes of ‘The Last Dance’ generated high expectations among the players and achieved an audience of more than six million viewers.

The documentary, which includes unpublished material for more than 20 years, is immersed in the successes and conflicts of the Bulls dynasty by Michael Jordan, focusing on the conquest of his sixth and final ring in 1998.

Some colleagues of Kobe Bryant in his last campaign, such as Larry Nance Jr., acknowledged that the recording came to put them in a difficult situation, since those Lakers had nothing to do with the global phenomenon that ‘The Last Dance’ narrates. «It was really great because it is the ‘Black Mamba’. But at the same time, that’s also the worst season in Lakers history. So while I am very proud to play in the NBA with that absolute legend, it is not something I am trying to revive, “said Nance, current player for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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