Koch: “Worst forecasts not come true”

It is open whether the measures against the spread of the coronavirus work. There is a message of success. “The worst forecasts that we have made of a few weeks have not materialized,” said Daniel Koch from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG).

In Switzerland, over 13,200 people have now been tested positive for the corona virus.

In Switzerland, over 13,200 people have now been tested positive for the corona virus.



Furthermore, the federal expert did not allow himself to be looked into the cards on Saturday in front of the Bundeshaus media. “It is still a bit early for a conclusion,” said Koch. There are not yet enough figures for this. This was confirmed by a study by epidemiologists.

According to Koch, 280 people currently need artificial ventilation for Covid 19 disease. That is 280 people who fought for their lives and hundreds of carers who looked after them.

“That is an enormous amount for Switzerland,” said Koch. However, no intensive care unit was fully utilized, and even more sick people could be artificially ventilated. But he very much hoped that the population would continue to be disciplined.

There are now 13,213 cases of Covid 19 diseases registered in Switzerland, 1052 more than the previous day. The BAG announced on Saturday. All cantons in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein are affected.

So far, 235 people have died in connection with Covid-19, the press release said. The basis is the figures that the BAG received from doctors and laboratories up to Saturday morning.

The BAG writes that the data can therefore differ from the number of cases communicated in the cantons. According to the figures obtained from the cantons by the Keystone-SDA news agency until noon, 252 people have died so far.

To date, around 106,000 people in Switzerland have been tested for the new virus. The result was positive for 12 percent, i.e. about every eighth person. The highest incidence, namely around 485 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, is in the Canton of Ticino.

Of the deaths previously registered in connection with Covid-19, 141 were men and 94 were women. They were between 32 and 100 years old; the median was 83 years. This means that half of the deceased are under the age of 83 and half are over the age of 83.

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