Koekelekoek! The quotes from ‘chicken man’ Hamza on a soundboard

“Only costs five euros, a chicken.” And: “No problem. I buy two and in three months they will be fifty again.” The sound bites of the now famous ‘chicken man’ Hamza can now be heard on a true soundboard.

‘Koekelekoek.nl’ is called the website on which the statements of Hamza and companions can be heard. The garage man of Rotterdam-Zuid has quickly become a cult hero. This happened after two reports by Rijnmond about the removal of about 150 chickens in the vicinity of the Rotterdam Kuip. They are the descendants of the animals, who were released there by French supporters after the final of the European Football Championship in 2000. They refer to the nickname of the French football team: De Haantjes.

Hamza Karaman spoke lovingly about the chickens at Rijnmond on Thursday. “They just belong. When they do ‘cuckoo’, it’s just nice to hear,” he said. And: Every now and then I grab a fresh egg. I know where they are. “

The text continues below the video:

Hamza thought it terrible that the municipality of Rotterdam decided to remove the chickens. They would cause too much inconvenience. “Don’t they have anything better to do?” The garage man wondered aloud.

Hamza’s videos, made by Suzanne Mulder, went viral and were also shown on national television. Beau van Erven Dorens also invited Hamza to his talk show on Friday. But that was not possible, said the presenter. “Hamza had to look after his children. I hope he will be sitting here at the table next week.”

And the chickens? They have now been housed at an animal shelter in Dalen. They are said to be called the ‘Rotterdam Tokkies’ there.


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