Koeman about Orange: ‘That bothers me a bit, they have to get rid of it’

Ronald Koeman finds it strange that his name is still frequently mentioned in connection with the Dutch national team. The FC Barcelona coach advises successor Frank de Boer to bite off.

The KNVB decided to work with De Boer, because he would fit in well with the ‘Koeman line’. “I hear and read that too, yes. That bothers me a bit, I must say. They really have to get rid of that. The so-called ‘Koeman line’ always. Why, I think”, Koeman tells Algemeen Dagblad.

“If they mean working within the technical staff and with the players, okay, yes, the group had a good feeling about that”, the Barça coach continues. “But furthermore: there is now a new national coach with his own vision on football, his own personality, his own way of leadership. Look ahead, I would say. Not back. Frank de Boer must do and change what he wants. I’m not important at all anymore. “

Koeman also saw that De Boer immediately came under fire, although the criticism was somewhat silenced after the game with Italy (1-1). “In The Netherlands everything is immediately up for discussion. That was almost impossible for Frank to do. I think you should be tougher on that yourself. As a trainer, bite off you too, I would say. But that’s also someone’s character. And what I just said: especially sail your own course, make your own decisions. “


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