Kofola has won the fourth quarter in history above eekvn – a positive lto sign suggests a divorce of 13.5 K

Group Coke defended its strong position in one of the historically strongest quarters, the economy managed to improve. The companies were helped to achieve the results by a long-term strategy based on traditional and local characteristics, flexibility in decision-making in the event of a dispute and above-standard deployment of employees. Kofole
managed to transfer the companies Ondrovka and Korunn, thanks to which it was possible to increase its market share in Czech retail. Management Kofoly It is expected that the entire market will gradually wake up with the fact that even in the event of further fluctuations, the Group will have sufficient resources to heal Czech times.

Very nron kind of quartl year 2020, affected by a pandemic COVID-19 and related epidemiological measures, the Group Coke over oekvn. There was a quarter-on-quarter decline Treb Groups by 15.9%, Coke ended in istm profit and the EBITDA indicator increased to 15.7%.

We stopped it and I would say, es grci, to Jannis Samaras, CEO of the Group Coke and explains: Before many
flights we bet we would make traditional local characters. It turned out that our strategy is right and that consumers turn to strong signs even in times of crisis. Pekonat sloit similar to us helped quickly decide which we are the size of the companies still able, and effectively look for dispute. We focused on something necessary, we postponed or canceled the rest. We managed one of the biggest quarters in history thanks to the commitment and flexibility of all the people in the Group, for which I am grateful.

The strongest Czechoslovak segment on the level Treb and without the effect of acquisitions it decreased between quarters by 25.1%, which is due to a very negative development in April year 2020 skvl as a result. In the Adriatic segment then trby
decreased jet mn, by 23.3 %. On the contrary, the impact of the epidemic was the most significant COVID-19 at UGO, which with the closure of shopping centers and gastronomic operations drank from day to day about the absolute majority of their Treb. However, it responded to the difficult situation by introducing new services, such as UGO delivery, and by sending cooperation with partner donko services.

Coke, as in other times of crisis, showed that her DNA remains untouched by strong pressure on economic efficiency. The pot, which became one of the founding only initiatives of the Zachra pub and #podporsvojpub, supported the epidemic-paralyzed gastronomy and other projects. Consumers returned to the pubs to 90 cinema screenings across Slovakia, including the tourist stamp available in the Czech Republic after the purchase of two elaborate Kofol or the adriatic camp #Zaskupaj (Together). Thanks n were able to invite the consumer to kvu and Radenská free of charge, to oiven Slovenian gastronomy thus contributed to 5,000 vouchers.

At the same time, the Group confirmed that even in these situations it does not resign itself to long-term sustainable efforts. In June, she managed to certify Rajecká dolina as a BIO locality for the free collection of herbs, piloting it in selected UGO Salaterich and at events water without packaging, ie epic spring water Rajec.

She took further steps to ensure that even in the past, she could get used to product innovations. She launched a series of ochucench pramenitch vod from own herbs, Rajec pek, but also Kofolu
in pint cans, its sales at several pedals originally eq. She prepared a novelty for esk gastro in the form of minerals water Korunn in the returnable glass and in the herbal segment introduced the original mixture of herbs LEROS Cold Brew for the preparation of tasty ice cream.

We have a similar period. We know that the operation of the second quarter will be stronger and we are ready for any further fluctuations. By the end of the year, we will focus on the development of the potential of Ondrovka and Korunn, in which we see a perspective, according to the ambassador of our
Janovo Samaras: With regard to the development of the latest MSc, we have set a new EBITDA target for year 2020, a to na 950 mil.
a 1 000 mil. K. Due to the summer list, the Board of Directors will propose to pay dividend in unchanged vi, ie 13.50 K per share, closed

V mil.
K (continued operations)




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-17,8 %

* adjusted for single item items

Jana Ptainsk Jirtov

Communications Manager CZ&SK

Kofola eskoSlovakia

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