Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Koh-Lanta: what happens on the island that becomes unoccupied after reunification?

The long-awaited reunification in Koh-Lanta, the Combat of Heroes , it is for this Friday, April 19 on TF1! At this point, they are still twelve to hope to become the ultimate adventurer this season all-stars. As is customary, one of the two teams will move their camp to move in with the other tribe. One of the islands will therefore be abandoned by the adventurers. But what does it become after they leave?

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It cleans up, but it depends sometimes, because the candidates can return thereafter , Explain Corinne Vaillant, project manager and co-director of Koh Lanta . If this is not the case, we disassemble and clean. But whatever happens, an island is always cleaner after our departure than before our arrival.

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Adventure Line Productions (producer of the game, Ed) is a production company but also a cleaning company she amused herself. All the places we visit seem idyllic. They are, but unfortunately, there is a pollution more and more massive and inherent to the currents.

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We clean a lot, beaches and mangroves, and even places where we will not necessarily turn she continues. We have almost two months of cleaning before arriving at a site. They are aboriginal people who do all this for us. There is a whole ecological support next to the program “she concludes.

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