Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Korean curling official abandons the sport after suspicions of abuse

SEOUL, South Korea – Curious South Korean curling official says he and his family will definitely leave the sport as the government investigates their alleged abuse of "Garlic Girls", the silver medalists extremely popular Olympic Games of the country.

The former vice president of the Korean Curling Federation, Kim Kyung-doo, said on Tuesday that he was presenting "sincere apologies" to the athletes and that he had also caused "a great disappointment" for the public. But while admitting to being a victim of verbal abuse, Kim denied more serious charges, such as the retention of cash prizes by the team.

The five-member women's curling team made a splash in the wake of their unlikely silver medal at the February Olympic Winter Games in South Korea. Kim and his family exercised significant control over the team, his daughter being the head coach and her husband, the mixed doubles coach.


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