Kourtney Kardashian feels he has finally found a healthy balance between professional and private life – March 24 2020

Kourtney shared: “I feel I have finally gotten to the point where I can balance being a mom and working. I’ve always done both of course, but it was where I would have worked a lot more. So I really moved my concentration.”

Kourtney is determined to ensure that she is able to spend quality time with her children.

The pretty brunette said to E! News: “My kids have always been my top priority, but I never had time with them after school to do their homework or go to their activities.

“They all really need one time with me, so making an effort to do something takes time. It’s like my whole life.”

Kourtney also confessed to feeling “really unhappy” at times in his career.

He recalled, “I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I just felt like something to change.”

Meanwhile, Kourtney recently said goodbye to her sister Kim Kardashian West, revealing that she played a crucial role in her beauty regimen.

Kourtney explained: “I would say that in the past three years I have really started taking care of my skin in a way that has made a difference.

“Being consistent with facials and treatments, as well as home care such as face masks and the products I use now, have really made a difference. I try (but I haven’t done my best lately) to really feed my skin from inside and outside, with intention.

“So I guess more than 37 was my year to really intensify my skin, all encouraged by Kim, who told me to start being proactive and give him some love.”

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